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October 3-5, 2014 in Tampa, Florida
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Lathe of Heaven eBook now available

This is the first eBook publication of the clasic The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula Le Guin.  You can pick it up for $3.99 for one week only by purchasing directly from Dimension Books.

SF short film, story by Ken MacLeod

Check out this great short SF film based on a story by Ken MacLeod about the worst crime you've never imagined.

Scattered from Joshua Bregman on Vimeo.

Nerdy Bits

Have a look at some of these great zoomable star maps from Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly and Battlestar Galactica universes  here

Also, check out the article on io9 Great Unsung Science Fiction Authors that Everybody Should Read.

Tim Powers The Anubis Gates is becoming a stage play!

There are new trailers for Edge of Tomorrow and for Xmen: Days of Future Past.

Ever wonder what The Avengers would look like as plushie octopuses, or what male superheroes would look like if they posed like female superheroes?

Comic Book Day: Pull list for March 26,2014

Dealers room tables now available!

Do you want to vend at Necronomicon?  The info is posted on our Dealers Room page. We've already sold a third of the tables, so if you're thinking of vending at the con, don't wait to long to reserve your space!

Jupiter Ascending Trailer

Humble Bundle-Books! More titles added!

The current Humble Bundle is ebooks from Wil Wheaton, Holly Black, Steven Gould, Scott Westerfield and Cory Doctorow.  Pay what you want and support charity. Newly added are books by John Scalzi, Dia Reeves, Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill and Ryan North.

Cosplay street fest

From Kokatu:

Today, Osaka's geek district Nipponbashi held a big street festival. The area's main drag was closed off to cars, allowing cosplayers to roam free and cause all sorts of cosplay chaos.  Some of Japan's Most Wonderful And Strange Cosplay

Various nerdy tidbits from around the web

Richard Lee Byers was a guest on the Exploding Typewrite Podcast discussing tradional publishing vs. self-publishing.

Tor.com has their Nebula-Nominated Stories available for free download!

Read the article on space.com : 8 Science Fiction Movies to Watch in 2014.

Does bad science ruin science fiction? from Den of Geek.

From The Mary Sue: Bask in the Wonder of this Low-Cost Cosplay and drawings of Genderswap Disney & Dreamworks Characters

London Super Comic Con 2014 Cosplay in Pictures and How to Make your own Lightsaber from Geeks are Sexy.

From Neatorama: 4 Neat Facts about the Big Bang and Star Trek Inspired Foods for Every Occasion.

Outlander teaser trailer and Geek Couture Fashion coming to Comic-Con from Nerdist.

This weeks upcoming Comics Titles and Valiant Universe RPG news from Bleeding Cool.

In April for PC gamers, free to play shooter Ghost Recon:Phantoms will be available from Steam and Star Trek Online's Season 9 will arrive. Sony Online Entertainment will also be rolling out their new SOE All Access Pass on the 16th. For $14.99/month you'll get subscriptions to ALL their online games including Planetside 2, DC Universe Online, EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Vanguard:Saga of Heroes.  It will also include upcoming titles EverQuest Next and EQN Landmark when released. While these Sony titles are Free to Play (FTP), there is a lot more available to you with a subscription.

Orphan Black Season 2 Trailer

The Real History of Science Fiction

Shatner, Tennant, Le Guin, Gaiman and More to Bring You The Real History of Science Fiction.

From BBC America's web portal for the documentary:

From Star Wars to 2001: A Space Odyssey, and from Jurassic Park to Doctor Who, each program is packed with contributors behind these creations and traces the developments of Robots, Space, Invasion, and Time. Narrated by Mark Gatiss, Doctor Who writer, actor, and co-creator of the BBC’s Sherlock, the series determines why science fiction is not merely a genre… for its audience it’s a portal to a multi-verse – one that is all too easy to get lost in.

Among those taking part are: William Shatner (Star Trek), Nathan Fillion (Firefly), Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek), Steven Moffat(Doctor Who), Richard Dreyfuss (Close Encounters of the Third Kind), Chris Carter (The X-Files), Ronald D Moore (Battlestar Galactica), John Landis (An American Werewolf in London, Schlock), David Tennant (Doctor Who), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), John Carpenter(Dark Star, The Thing), Karen Gillan (Doctor Who), Neil Gaiman(The Sandman, Stardust), Kim Stanley Robinson (Mars Trilogy),Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap, Star Trek: Enterprise), Ursula K Le Guin (The Left Hand of Darkness), Syd Mead (Blade Runner),Kenny Baker (Star Wars), Anthony Daniels (Star Wars), Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), Peter Weller (Robocop), Edward James Olmos (Blade Runner, Battlestar Galactica), and many more.

The show will debut on April 19th at 10pm. Mark your calendars!

"Caravan of Shadows" available again!

Richard Lee Byers novel CARAVAN OF SHADOWS (a tale of ghosts set in the original World of Darkness) is now available again after being out of print for a number of years. If you're interested, follow the link.

March Reading List

On io9 today, The Science Fiction and Fantasy Books you can't affort to miss in March.

Astrojive: How Do You Do Fantastic?

Richard Lee Byers ponders the facts, rumors about the forthcoming Fantastic Four movie on Airlock Alpha

Upcoming from Tor

Tor.com just posted their release list for March and April.  New Tor.com Original Fiction in March and April.

While you're there, grab free eBook editions of Nebula Award Finalst Novellas "Burning Girls" and "Wakulla Springs.

March Phoenix Pick Newsletter

The March newsletter for Phoenix Pick is up. You can grab yourself some new SF ebooks, read the latest issue of Galaxy's Edge online for free and pick up a free ebook too!

Reboots in the works....

Heroes is back. The show will return to NBC in 2015 as Heroes Reborn, with original series creator Tim Kring back at the helm as showrunner. The 13-episode event miniseries will star a new cast of characters and follow a story line independent from the show's original 4-season run (though NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke said former cast members would likely "pop" in for cameos.)

A Farscape movie is in development, a decade after Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars provided closure to fans left hanging by the original series' final episode. Screenwriter Justin Monjo has reportedly written a script for the spinoff, to be directed by Brian Henson (son of Jim Henson), Executive Producer of the show's original four-season run and director ofPeacekeeper Wars.

The Fannish Life: Television Worth Looking Forward To

Ann Morris has a new column up at Airlock Alpha. Check it out.

Crossing the Streams 2014: A humongous multi-author contest

Nearly two dozen science fiction, fantasy, and horror creators–mostly novelists, but some short story and comic writers as well–have come together to create a series of contests for you guys. Each of them is running one on his or her own site. Each author will select 2 winners to receive an autographed copy of one of  their books. Then, all the authors together pick a super mega winner from all the entries on all the sites and that person will win a signed book from every one of the participating authors!

Head over to Richard Lee Byers site for instructions on how to enter his contest and links to the other author contests.

Bay Area Renaissance Festival


This coming weekend, February 22-23 is opening weekend for the Bay Area Renaissance Festival at MOSI.  It runs every weekend thereafter until April 6.   This weekends theme is Wine, Chocolate and Romance.  In addition to chocolate goodness, they are also holding their 4th Annual Fencing Championship and their Steampunk Costume Contest.  If you fence, you can enter the competition and if you love Steampunk, this is the weekend to wear your Steampunk garb.

Away Mission April 11-13

If you're in the Tampa Bay area in April and want the chance to meet William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy (via Skype), Kevin Sorbo and John De Lancie, you might want to check out The Away Mission.  This is a for profit con, so expect to pay for photos or autographs in addition to your admission.



 Keeping with the spirit of this year's Necronomicon Pulp Fandom theme, create your own Pulp Magazine covers with the PULP-O-MIZER

GoH Eric Flint ebooks free on Amazon

In addition to 1632 (Ring of Fire) being free for Kindle on Amazon, did you know you can also pick up The Course of Empire, In the Heart of Darkness, and The Philosophical Strangler for free?  Grab these ebooks while you can!

Richard Lee Byers "The Sundering" ebook now available!


The eBook editions of THE REAVER: THE SUNDERING BOOK IV are now available!

Click to get it now for Kindle or Nook

Richard Lee Byers on Bombad Radio

Richard was a guest on the Bombad Radio podcast with Jeremiah Stewart.

You can listen here:  Episode 124: The Reaver with Richard Lee Byers (The Sundering Series)

Movie Board Games anyone?

Want to check out some board games? Totalfilm.com has rated 50 movie based board games from worst to best. Aliens comes in at #1 and Firefly at #7.   Worst To Best: Movie Board Games

Richard Lee Byers news

You can read a new excerpt from Richard Lee Byers THE REAVER: THE SUNDERING BOOK IV here: It's Sundering Sunday!

Richard Lee Byers was a guest on the Earth Station One podcast. Check it out:

Richard's new eBook series is now available: PLAGUE KNIGHT AND OTHER STORIES. For a limited time they are available for $3.99 from this link.
2014 SF & Fantasy on television

io9 has published their Ultimate guide to 2014 Science Fiction and Fantasy for your TV watching pleasure.

2013 Locus Recommended Reading List

This Recommended Reading List, published in Locus Magazine’s February 2014 issue, is a consensus by Locus editors and reviewers — Liza Groen Trombi, Gary K. Wolfe, Faren Miller, Jonathan Strahan, Russell Letson, Graham Sleight, Adrienne Martini, Carolyn Cushman, Tim Pratt, Karen Burnham, Gardner Dozois, Rich Horton, Paul Di Filippo, and others — with inputs from outside reviewers, other professional critics, other lists, etc. Short fiction selections are based on material from Jonathan Strahan, Lois Tilton, Rich Horton, Gardner Dozois, David G. Hartwell, Ellen Datlow, Alisa Krasnostein, Paula Guran, Brit Mandelo, Ann VanderMeer, Gwenda Bond, and others. Essays by many of these contributors, highlighting their particular favorite books and stories, are published in the February issue.

See the list here.

Free SF ebooks and magazine

Have you checked out Galaxy's Edge yet?  It is a SF magazine published bi-monthly and available to read for free online. Click the link to check it out.





Harry Turtledove at USF February 18 & 19

Science-fiction luminary Harry Turtledove, the great master of alternate history fiction, will be visiting USF on Feb. 18-19, making some class visits, giving a reading and talk on the evening of Feb. 18th, and taking part in a panel discussion with several folks from the faculty on Feb 19th. The public is invited to the reading and the panel.

Tuesday, Feb. 18
TECO Room (College of Education)
6:00pm, reception to follow

Fiction Reading with Harry Turtledove

Wednesday, Feb. 19
MSC 3705 (Marshall Student Center)

Alternative History Discussion Panel

Free Book from Tor!

TOR books is offering a SOME OF THE BEST FROM TOR.COM 2013 anthology for free download: CLICK HERE


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